Pretty Little Liars Reaction/Rant


Okay so I’m sick and tired of the writers on this show.  They can’t commit to anything.  They kill someone, they bring them back to life.  They make them evil, and back peddle 3 episodes later.  It’s ridiculous. If I hadn’t invested so much damn time in it I’d give up on the show.  They’ve given up any integrity that they ever had by going back on their word constantly.  I knew immediately that Toby would be fine.  Fans would riot if they killed off Toby (like they suddenly made it up that it wash’t actually his dead body a few seasons ago).  I’m at the point where I have zero faith in the writers.  They’re going to pull a Gossip Girl and if/when they reveal who A is and it won’t make any sense whatsoever.  Continuity is SO important to a show like this and they haven’t kept up with that at all. 

Back to tonight’s episode: The writers want you to believe that Alison was the one who killed Mona by showing blonde hair coming out from the hoodie.  If they made a point to show her hair, why not show her face?  It makes absolutely no sense.  Sure, Alison may have orchestrated it, and was certainly happy to hear the news, but I’ll personally be shocked if it turns out to have been Ali.  I am sooooo over the bullshit the writers put their viewers through.  If your viewers lose faith in you, you have nothing left.  They’re walking a really fine line in my opinion.  A lot of people are getting fed up and who can blame them?

When a guy wearing Ed Hardy tries to hit on me